Sherwood Narrowboats

We offer a range of Narrowboat's and Widebeam's completed to any stage, from lined sailaways to fully fitted, or if you want something different just contact us for a price.

Lined Sailaway

  • Shell – Cruiser Stern. Gas lockers at front. Quick release weed hatch. Integral keel cooler. Integral fuel tank. Mooring studs fore and aft. Roof ring. Side fender eyes. Front and rear mooring cleats. Integral hand rails on roof. Stern rail. Rudder + rudder stock + tiller bar. Steel rear door + sliding hatch. Steel front doors. 4 x anodes. Painted in primer and hull blacked.
  • Sprayfoam insulation & battening.
  • Windows to suit. (36" x 21" top hopper windows & 15" portholes depending on length of boat).
  • Barrus Engine to suit.
  • 18mm plywood floor & ballast to suit.
  • Mushroom vents to suit.
  • Plastic Water Tank to suit + fittings. Tank is made from polypropylene Sheet, CNC cut and welded together both inside and out.
  • Lined in 9mm Ash/Oak/Plain faced ply with hardwood trim and wood effect moisture resistant window liners.
  • Electrics to include 12v and 240v wiring tails, Battery isolator switch & fuse. Consumer unit, Immersion heater switch, Galvanic Isolator, Shore line connection, 12v Switch panel. 2 * Leisure batteries. Victron Inverter/Charger to suit.

Lined Sailaway Extra - As Lined Sailaway plus

  • Plumbing - Tails to bathroom & Galley, Water pump, Calorifier (55l). All piping pressure tested.
  • Painted in 2-pac paint. High quality finish in two tone colour scheme with coach lines. Roof, front deck & gunwhales treated with non-slip coating.


Length Lined Sailaway Lined Sailaway Extra Engine Windows/ Portholes/ Door
30ft£29,430£33,87015hp Shire0, 6, 0
35ft£31,410£36,02020hp Shire4, 2, 0
40ft£34,420£39,27030hp Shire6, 2, 2
45ft£36,540£41,60035hp Shire6, 2, 2
50ft£38,240£43,55035hp Shire6, 2, 2
55ft£41,970£48,16040hp Shire8, 2, 2
60ft£43,830£50,25045hp Shire8, 2, 2
65ft£45,310£51,96045hp Shire8, 2, 2

10ft Widebeam

Length Lined Sailaway Lined Sailaway Extra Engine Windows/ Portholes/ Door
30ft£41,450£46,86040hp Shire4, 2, 2
35ft£42,880£48,58040hp Shire4, 2, 2
40ft£45,210£51,19045hp Shire6, 2, 2
45ft£47,130£53,40045hp Shire6, 2, 2
50ft£49,390£56,27050hp Shire6, 2, 2
55ft£51,930£59,11050hp Shire8, 2, 2
60ft£56,070£63,69050hp Shire8, 2, 2
65ft£58,020£65,93070hp Shire8, 2, 2

11ft Widebeam

Length Lined Sailaway Lined Sailaway Extra Engine Windows/ Portholes/ Door
30ft£43,000£48,54045hp Shire4, 2, 2
35ft£44,090£49,94045hp Shire4, 2, 2
40ft£45,890£52,21050hp Shire4, 2, 2
45ft£47,890£54,52050hp Shire6, 2, 2
50ft£50,380£57,48050hp Shire6, 2, 2
55ft£54,790£62,19070hp Shire8, 2, 2
60ft£57,210£65,55070hp Shire8, 2, 2
65ft£60,250£68,90070hp Shire8, 2, 2

12ft Widebeam

Length Lined Sailaway Lined Sailaway Extra Engine Windows/ Portholes/ Door
30ft£44,070£49,73040hp Shire4, 2, 2
35ft£45,360£51,34040hp Shire4, 2, 2
40ft£46,860£53,32045hp Shire4, 2, 2
45ft£48,760£55,55045hp Shire4, 2, 2
50ft£52,240£59,52050hp Shire6, 2, 2
55ft£56,640£64,25070hp Shire8, 2, 2
60ft£59,840£68,40070hp Shire8, 2, 2
65ft£61,360£70,25070hp Shire8, 2, 2

13ft Widebeam

Length Lined Sailaway Lined Sailaway Extra Engine Windows/ Portholes/ Door
30ft£49,050£54,97050hp Shire6, 2, 2
35ft£50,420£56,85050hp Shire6, 2, 2
40ft£51,360£58,13050hp Shire6, 2, 2
45ft£54,700£61,82070hp Shire6, 2, 2
50ft£56,860£64,64070hp Shire6, 2, 2
55ft£59,930£68,05070hp Shire6, 2, 2
60ft£64,960£73,75090hp Shire8, 2, 2
65ft£66,560£75,69090hp Shire8, 2, 2


All prices are excluding delivery.

Prices for other size Narrowboat's and Wide beam's are available on request.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information and pricing.

All prices are subject to change due to the ever changing costs of materials.


Terms and Conditions

STAGE PAYMENTS: To secure a build slot in our schedule we require a non-refundable deposit of just £500. Sherwood Narrowboats can either arrange complete package deals, including shell, engine and fit-out, or you can have us just do the fit-out and arrange the other services yourself. Where Sherwood Narrowboats takes care of the complete package we break the build costs across several staged payments, set out in a contact, which are agreed upon before work commences.

CERTIFICATES: All boats are built to EC Recreational Craft Directives (RCD) standards, and are issued with CE marking, a Declaration of Conformity and all fully fitted boats come with a full Boat Owners Manual.

SPECIFICATIONS: Before work starts we will produce a drawing showing layout and specification details, along with prices to form the basis of our contract. Within reason, variations in specification can usually be accommodated after work has started, but may involve added costs and time.

WARRANTY: All work is covered by our warranty period of 12 months from date of delivery. Separate warranties apply to purchased appliances where applicable. Any problems that arise after this period we will still do our best to solve as we are keen to maintain the usual good customer relationship we built up during the build, however some costs may be incurred such as travelling time, new parts etc but we will endeavour to keep these as low as possible. Our reputation is paramount to us.